How much money do the series players earn

How much salary per episode of the TV series players receives the money and what is the amount of payment, how the player fees change.

The money that TV series actors receive varies depending on their role in the series and their well-known status in society. Although actors generally receive payment per episode, agreements are often made on a seasonal basis. When the season ends, the producer and the actor make an annual agreement again. While the first contract is being signed, the producer can even interfere with what kind of commercials the actor will act in, and the contract is signed accordingly. It should not be forgotten that the player will give commission money to the manager. Below are some average fees for 2015; these fees may be higher depending on whether the player is famous or not. Regular actors do not work on a salary, they get paid per series or per season. In internal productions made by TV Channels, it may be possible to work on salary. If the actors come through a casting agency, the casting agency also receives a commission.


The Actor's Role in the Series and the wages the actors receive per episode

Lead actor: Varies between 30,000-100,000 thousand TL.
Actors in supporting roles: 5,000-10,000 TL
Basic actor: 1,000 - 5,000 thousand TL
Episode actorBetween 500-1,000 TL
Supporting actor 100-200 TL
Extra: 50-100 TL

The following staff in TV series and movies are also paid

Director:20,000-30,000 TL
Assistant Director: 1000-5000 TL
Screenwriter: 10,000-20,000 TL< br>Musician 5.000-10.000 TL

What do you need to do to become a TV Series Actor and get paid?

There are two ways to become a TV series actor, the first is to start with small roles thanks to close relatives or friends and move up according to your talent. The second way is to come first in a competition such as a modeling contest, beauty contest, theater auditions, and rise with the impact of this success. For example, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ first attracted attention because he won the Best Model of Turkey competition in 2002, and he starred in films such as Americans in the Black Sea 2, Gümüş, and most recently, he exploded with Aşk-ı Memnu and became a legend. No actor has ever become famous in his first role.

If you don't have a social circle and can't participate in a competition, becoming an actor You can apply to one of the companies called casting agencies and be included in their catalogue. In this case, the series producers select actors or extras from the catalog and call you for evaluation. After interviews with 20-30 people, the extras and actors who will play in the series are selected. But a casting agency is never enough to play a leading role. Casting agencies give you an opportunity that may come once a year. At the end of this, instead of saying "I can't play this role" or "why wasn't I given the lead role?", it means doing your best and gaining the director's favor. You start by getting paid 100 TL per day as an extra and you can move up if you have talent.

Are there any bad aspects of being an actor

How much money do players earn

Examples of the bad sides of acting:

- TV series shootings may last until late at night. You can't say you're sleepy.

- During the shooting, everything from hairstyle to clothes is chosen by others, and even if you don't like it, you have to wear it with pleasure.

- You need to happily eat foods you don't like.

- You may have to passionately kiss a guy you say "I wouldn't spit in his face".

- You have to do whatever the producer and director say.

- You have to shoot the same scene 5 times and be the same happy and say the same words in all of them.

- You need to memorize 10 pages of text in two nights.

- You can't walk around the street, you have to sign autographs and take selfies with everyone who jumps in front of you. If you fight with the audience or the journalist, you will be the subject of the evening news the next day.

- While walking around the beach in a bikini or sitting on a boat with your lover, you worry that a journalist will pop up from every corner.

- If you have become famous for bad roles, old ladies who jump in front of you on the road may tear your hair out.

TV Actresses

Cemre Gumeli Cemre Gumeli "Simay" Sweet revenge
Merve Hazer Merve Hazer "Rain" Waiting for the sun
Seda Bakan Seda Bakan "Feyyza Ozdemir" Sibling share
Aysenil Samlioglu Aysenil Samlioglu "Sacred" My husband's family
Sevda Aktolga Sevda Aktolga "Laughs" Do not forget me
Ebru Aytemur Ebru Aytemur "Marbling" White lie
Cagla Kubat Cagla Kubat "Elif Commissioner" Back streets
Aysegul Aldinc Aysegul Aldinc "Esma Hatun" Dirty seven
Devrim Yakut Devrim Yakut "Sidar" Anali Oğullu
Leyla Kose Leyla Kose "Zeren" Love bread and dreams