Why do the series get out of the air?

The release of many series at the same time and at the same time with the new season confuses the audience.


 Recently, a storm of TV series has begun to blow on the screens. Since the 2014 summer season began, many TV series have given their season finales. Due to the competition and rating war between TV series and channels, many series that should have started in the regular season have started to be broadcast in the calm summer period. Since the series entered its season finale or made its regular finale, there were not many TV series in the summer season, so the audience did not have much choice.


  Many TV series started in the summer period, but with the start of the season in September, they were put on the back burner because the audience returned to their own TV series or had a different alternative that they would like to watch more. Likewise, some TV series that broke viewing records throughout the season, after the season finale was given. It started a new season in the season and could not get the rating it wanted. The reason for this is that it was replaced by another series that the audience liked much more than that series.

Usually, viewers decide whether to watch the series or not according to the subject of the series and the leading actors. Especially when the series that a person admires is on air, on the other hand, they may not prefer the series that ruins the ratings. The viewing rates of the series must be at a certain level or above. If the required audience percentage is achieved. If it cannot catch on, the series are taken off the air with an early finale.


Otherwise, the continuation of the series may lead to the bankruptcy of the channel and the producer. For example, a series that you love very much, even a series that you are looking forward to airing, suddenly passes to its finale and you cannot understand it. You are definitely shocked, but when you check the ratings the next day, the series is " You can understand why it ends.

TV Actresses

Burcu ozberk Burcu ozberk "Nazli Yilmaz" Girls of the Sun
Ece Dizdar Ece Dizdar "Melda" Waiting for the sun
Devrim Atmaca Devrim Atmaca "Fatma" Little bride
Deniz Baytas Deniz Baytas "Esma" Beautiful peasant
Leyla Tugutlu Leyla Tugutlu "Songul Kara" Black
Seda Turkmen Seda Turkmen "Ayse" Be happy enough
Meric Aral Meric Aral "Action Mercier" Cruiser
Ceren Hindistan Ceren Hindistan "Coy" It is not escaped from love
Elcin Sangu Elcin Sangu "Distinguished" Kurt Seyit and Shura
Nas Sila Zengin Nas Sila Zengin "Deep virtue" Black box