How old can I be a player

There is no age limit to be an actor.

Acting is actually the most difficult and most entertaining profession in the world. Actors have to live every character they portray. There is no age limit for acting. The sooner you start this job, the easier it will be. The first requirement for acting is to apply to a casting agency. is to be done.


If you are under 18 years old, you should definitely go to the casting agency with someone from your family. Child actors are seen in all the TV series and movies we watch. For child actors, acting depends on talent rather than preference. When an adult wants to act, his talent is not very developed. Even if he does, he can compensate for this with private acting lessons. In child actors, the child's talent and desire are all important. The child must want to act and have the ability to do it. There are many actors in our country and around the world who started as child actors and continue to this day.


 Cast Agency Application Conditions

  • The applicant must be over 18 years of age, otherwise he/she must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Full-time employees must be able to take time off from work during the week.
  • He must register with a single agency.
  • Those living abroad cannot register.
  • If the agency appointment is not made, the player's registration will be automatically deleted and it will not be possible to apply again.
  • When an application is made to the Agency, a trial shoot is deemed to have been accepted.
  • The actor cannot repeatedly reject the roles that the agency deems suitable for him/her.
  • The agency does not have to evaluate the players according to its own criteria and make an explanation to the player regarding this issue.
  • There should be no compulsory attendance for students except for exams.
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     What It Takes to Be a Good Actor

    If your opportunities and talents are not limited, you should receive Conservatory education. If you think you are late for conservatory education, you should definitely apply to private courses that give lessons in acting. The private acting courses you apply will allow you to apply to the casting agency that is most suitable for you. If you want to act, big or small You should accept the offers offered to you by the agency you are affiliated with, without distinguishing between roles such as. There are such roles that even if your acting is seen for only a second or two, they can take you forward.