How can you reach your favorite player?

It is not difficult to reach a player you are a fan of thanks to today's possibilities.

Meeting a player you like or like does not seem like a dream anymore. Especially when the internet age is so widespread and almost all players have an account on the internet. The easiest way to reach the player you like is to reach the player's real Twitter or Facebook address. When you reach the right address. It is very easy to communicate. If you do not want to reach us via the internet, you should meet on the sets of TV series or movies.


The sets of TV series or movies shot today are open to visitors at certain times. You can follow the shooting days of your favorite actor on his fan site, visit and meet him on the set during the shooting day. Maybe you can even form a friendship or a close friendship with your favorite actor. You should not wait for an actor you like to notice you at the first set visit. If possible, you can register on the actor's fan site and follow where he travels, who he is friends with and even in what environments he is. As a fan, you should take care to meet him often.


 When the actor sees you in a short time, he will start to recognize you and realize that you are a big fan. If you have the opportunity, register with the casting agency he is affiliated with. Maybe this way, you can get even a small role on his set. The actor you admire will immediately notice you when he sees you for the first time. Don't wait, wait a little patiently with the peace of being near him.

Where to Meet Your Favorite Player.

  • You can meet on the internet. You can especially attract the attention of TV series actors by writing a long and nice message on our site.
  • You can go to the TV Series Set as a viewer. Maybe a flower or a small gift will distinguish you from others.
  • You can hang out at the cafes or bars he frequents.
  • You can continue going to the gym he goes to.
  • You can meet one of his friends by contacting him.

TV Actresses

Dilara Aksuyek Dilara Aksuyek "Sadiye" Mercy
ilayda Cevik ilayda Cevik "Maya Smoggling" Black Rose
Merve Akaydin Merve Akaydin "Original" Sefkattepe
Petek Dincoz Petek Dincoz "Original" Dance of Roman
Elif Merve Colak Elif Merve Colak "Yeliz" Love bread and dreams
Ceyda Saltadal Ceyda Saltadal "Muzeyyen Seker" Red Apple
Gokce Bahadir Gokce Bahadir "Yadigar Star" Keep this secret between us
Aysenil Samlioglu Aysenil Samlioglu "Sacred" My husband's family
Guzide Arslan Guzide Arslan "Waterfall" High school patrol
Nilperi Sahinkaya Nilperi Sahinkaya starfish