Are there any rules of acting?

In order to be a successful player, it is imperative that the rules of acting should not be put in the rules of their own acting.

 There are definitely some rules and conditions to be an actor. But if you are wondering whether there are any rules for acting, it depends on the actor. Each actor has his own rules, which he creates depending on his talent or environment. The most important of these rules have been Türkan Şoray's rules for years. The well-known kissing and making love come to mind. Some actors stipulate these as a condition when making an agreement with the producers in response to the decisions they make.


  An actor does not necessarily have to kiss in order to be successful, and if he has to kiss in that scene due to his role, but if he does not kiss because there are rules, the scene is incomplete and his acting is left unfinished. This is seen as a minus point for the actor and the producer. This is often the case, especially in youth TV series. The boy gets close to the girl and they have to kiss in that scene so that the audience can feel the love between them at that moment. If the producer skips this because the actor has rules, the audience will get bored and give up watching because they cannot feel the pleasure there. Especially in a series about love, the audience wants to see contact.


 The rules of a successful actor should not be in a way that will reduce the success of the series. No viewer watches a TV series or a movie just because the girl is beautiful or the boy is handsome. They admire the actor because he makes the audience experience the subject of the script. For example, many actors Even though he is not very handsome or beautiful, he has thousands of fans. If you pay attention, these actors do not have any rules. Their only rule is to be successful and make the audience experience the role they play.

Basic Rules of Acting

  • Being Realistic
  • Researching the character to be portrayed
  • Establishing empathy with the portrayed character.
  • Must be trained in acting.


 Rules for Being a Good Player

  • The player has to use his body well.
  • All his behavior must adapt to the character he plays.
  • He must be confident in the gait of the character he portrays. There should be no artificiality in his stance or gait.
  • Must be able to control hand, arm and foot movements
  • His gaze and eyes should tell about the character he portrays.
  • Must be sincere
  • One should not avoid criticizing oneself
  • Naturalness should be achieved by working constantly
  • He should act with his instincts, without forcing himself.

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