Red Apple Series / Actors and Plot

Red Apple Plot of the TV Series

TRT 1 screens in the first month of 2014, which began to be published and reached many audiences Red Apple Streetstrong> series `s producer and directed Osman Exam. The series about the intelligence organization of the series is especially watched by the audience of the Valley of the Wolves.

Turkey` s interests to protect the interests of a number of people who are united. People in this Team `s people in Turkey to grow and develop a developed country by ignoring their own lives, many adventures are thrown on the series. Suleyman Cobanoglu is doing.

Furkan Palali, Pelin Akil, Zeynep Eronat, Erdal Cindoruk, Mirac Eronat, Mesut Yilmaz, Adnan Biricik, Rahmi Dilligil, Selin Altay, Sefa Zengin, Anil ilter, Yener Gursoy, Nilay Duru, Faruk Acar, Faruk Acar, Cihan Ozdeniz, Vilma Elles, Buket Tuba is a beautiful role

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Red Apple TV Series Actors

Red Apple Cast list (Red Apple cast ekibi)

Red Apple Murat Altay

Furkan Palali (Murat Altay)

Place of birth: Konya zodiac sign: Akrep Furkan Palali of Age and Life in...
Furkan Palali communication
Red Apple Zeynep Gevher

Pelin Akil (Zeynep Gevher)

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Koç Pelin Akil of Age and Life in...
Pelin Akil communication
Red Apple Meryem Kadioglu

Zeynep Eronat (Meryem Kadioglu)

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Yengeç Zeynep Eronat of Age and Life in...
Zeynep Eronat communication
Red Apple Justice is Crimean

Mirac Eronat (Justice is Crimean)

Place of birth: zodiac sign: Terazi Mirac Eronat of Age and Life in...
Mirac Eronat communication
Red Apple Shooter Elsa

Wilma Elles (Shooter Elsa)

Place of birth: Almanya zodiac sign: Terazi Wilma Elles of Age and Life in...
Wilma Elles communication
Red Apple Guner Gun

Selin Altay (Guner Gun)

Place of birth: İzmir zodiac sign: İkizler Selin Altay of Age and Life in...
Selin Altay communication
Red Apple Walid

Sefa Zengin (Walid)

Place of birth: Malatya zodiac sign: İkizler Sefa Zengin of Age and Life in...
Sefa Zengin communication
Red Apple Sule Acar

Buket Tuba Guzel (Sule Acar)

Place of birth: zodiac sign: Oğlak Buket Tuba Guzel of Age and Life in...
Buket Tuba Guzel communication
Red Apple Muzeyyen Seker

Ceyda Saltadal (Muzeyyen Seker)

Place of birth: zodiac sign: Balık Ceyda Saltadal of Age and Life in...
Ceyda Saltadal communication
Red Apple Okan Kurt

Osman Karagoz (Okan Kurt)

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Yay Osman Karagoz of Age and Life in...
Osman Karagoz communication

How a TV Actress cries

TV Series Actors and Gamers

Barun Sobti Barun Sobti "Albanian" A strange love
Ahmet Kural Ahmet Kural "Metin Ozdemir" Sibling share
Ceyda Ates Ceyda Ates "Zahide" Snakes
Leyla Feray Leyla Feray "Turkan" Pasha Heart
Sedef Avci Sedef Avci "Begum Seyhanli" Price
Berke Uzrek Berke Uzrek "Emre" Dreams and hopes
Kaan Urgancioglu Kaan Urgancioglu "Ilgaz Kaya (Prosecutor)" Judiciary Series
Emre Kinay Emre Kinay "Yigit Sen" Back to square one
Seren SiRiNCE Seren SiRiNCE "Aysegul" Relationship Status Mixed
Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan "Bayram Cevher" Life song
Tayanc Ayaydin Tayanc Ayaydin "TARIK KARATAY" Olive Hill