Date of birth :31 March 1982 Age :42Place of Birth :Almanya Zodiac Sign : Koç Length :170 cm

TV Series Actor Pashan Yilmazel Life

Pashan Yilmazel was born in Germany on March 31, 1982. He graduated from the University of Germany. He also graduated from Radio and Television Department in Academy Istanbul. He lived with the character of Murat. series and feature films, In 1999, he lived with the role of Murat in the series Kucuk Feeding on Star TV screens.
In 2000, Kenan Isik and Gulben Ergen played the role of the leading actress Orhan in the series Nanny.
2001 Sultan
He took part in the 2001 Fall Roses as a guest player.
He took part in the 2002 Core Family Television series as a guest player.
Between 2003-2006, Gani gospel, directed by Tarkan Karlidag'in Life Science series `` Ortega Sedat gave life to life.
2006 Deli Dolu played the text character in the production named.
2007 Crazy Classroom Camp in the Cinema Film Mojo played the character of Mojo.
2007 feast
I have drills on ships in 2007
2008 life is beautiful
He played the role of Neco in the feature film Avanak Cousins, which was among the cinema films that left his mark on 2008.
2008 Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ahmet Durmaz played the role of Dr. Ahmet Durmaz.
2009 Gold Girls
He took the role of Taylan in 2009 Konak Film.
2009 The popular series played the role of Doctor Gurcan in Adanali.
In the feature film Rina, which was released in 2010, Omer died in the character of Omer.
He played Serkan in +18 in 2011.
He played the character of Selim in the series Huzur Sokagi, one of the popular series of 2012.
2013 Crazy Classroom played 3 Mojo character.
Famous actor will play the character of Mojo in the series called Crazy Dershane at the University, which is planned to be broadcast on Show TV screens.

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