What are the players' fees?

The wages vary according to the experiences, abilities and success of the players.

At a time when TV series are in such competition with each other, it is not easy for the actors. Especially in a period when young actors are popular, the wages of each actor vary according to their talents and success. From the early 1990s to the early 2000s During that period, experienced actors were preferred over new actors, and producers had to pay considerable fees for experienced actors. Over time, as you can see on the screens, young actors broke this rule instead of experienced actors.


  In contrast to the wages and conditions demanded by experienced actors, young actors work under the conditions and wages deemed appropriate by the producers. Young actors are given chances in this period, which does not tire the producers and especially when the audience expects to see new faces. The wages of the actors are determined according to the character they play and per episode. A well-known It is normal for there to be a wage difference between the player and a new player.

 Rather than well-known actors acting as lead actors in TV series or movies, new actors are given the opportunity to act as lead actors and are introduced to the audience. Many of the young actors are conservatory graduates and some of them are those who take private acting lessons. A lead actor is not given directly to someone who has never acted. They have certainly played supporting roles before. This is the same in movies. An actor who appears before the audience in a supporting role while having his first cinema experience can quickly become the leading actor of another series or movie, thanks to his success. The leading actor and the supporting actors There are also significant price differences between them.


Leading Actors Price Examples

Experienced Lead Actor: Between 20 thousand and 100 thousand.

Young Leading Actor: Between 8 thousand and 30 thousand.


   Players' Wages

Director: Between 7 thousand and 50 thousand

Assistant Director: Between one thousand and 5 thousand.

Screenwriter: Between 7 thousand and 20 thousand.

Musician: Between 4 thousand and 15 thousand.

Middle Player: Between 6 thousand and 15 thousand.

Dialogue Actor: Between 100 TL and 750 TL.

Experienced Lead Actor: Between 20 thousand and 100 thousand.

Young Leading Actor: Between 8 thousand and 30 thousand.

Agency Dialogue Actor: Between 100 TL and 300 TL.

Agency Image Figure: Between 75 TL and 150 TL