My ancient friend Series / Actors and Plot

My ancient friend Plot of the TV Series

The new broadcasting period `s Fox TV screens to be broadcast to the audience will live a comedy feast of my ancient friend with wide and experienced cast of the screens will be among the series of the series will be among the series. sitting.

The subject of the Series is the two families who cannot agree with each other in Mardin and are hostile to each other. ilker Aksum, Hamdi Alkan, Cihat Tamer, Murat Eken and Eren Hacisalihoglu shared his acting. It takes part.

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My ancient friend TV Series Actors

My ancient friend Cast list (My ancient friend cast ekibi)

My ancient friend Mumtaz

ilker Aksum (Mumtaz)

Place of birth: Isparta zodiac sign: İkizler ilker Aksum of Age and Life in...
ilker Aksum communication
My ancient friend My wisdom friend

Murat Eken (My wisdom friend)

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Aslan Murat Eken of Age and Life in...
Murat Eken communication
My ancient friend Celal Yildiz

Metin Yildiz (Celal Yildiz)

Place of birth: Ordu zodiac sign: Aslan Metin Yildiz of Age and Life in...
Metin Yildiz communication
Hamdi Alkan

Hamdi Alkan

Place of birth: Hatay zodiac sign: Oğlak Hamdi Alkan of Age and Life in...
Hamdi Alkan communication
My ancient friend Suheyla friend

Aydan Burhan (Suheyla friend)

Place of birth: Bursa zodiac sign: Akrep Aydan Burhan of Age and Life in...
Aydan Burhan communication
My ancient friend Ferzan Kadim

Eren Hacisalihoglu (Ferzan Kadim)

Place of birth: Trabzon zodiac sign: İkizler Eren Hacisalihoglu of Age and Life in...
Eren Hacisalihoglu communication
Tarik Pabuccuoglu

Tarik Pabuccuoglu

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Oğlak Tarik Pabuccuoglu of Age and Life in...
Tarik Pabuccuoglu communication
Damla Aslanalp

Damla Aslanalp

Place of birth: Almanya zodiac sign: Oğlak Damla Aslanalp of Age and Life in...
Damla Aslanalp communication
My ancient friend Nurten ancient

Nilgun Karababa (Nurten ancient)

Place of birth: Niğde zodiac sign: İkizler Nilgun Karababa of Age and Life in...
Nilgun Karababa communication
My ancient friend Mara ancient

Suna Selen (Mara ancient)

Place of birth: İstanbul zodiac sign: Yengeç Suna Selen of Age and Life in...
Suna Selen communication

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