what is necessary to be an actor

Being an actor is a lifestyle, not a period of time, so those who expect the queue in the cast agency can be the most figuran. So how to become a real player.

Acting is a Profession

If you want to be an actor, you should first accept it as a job and plan everything in your life accordingly. Just as a young person going to university does extensive research, consults everyone he knows when choosing a department, and tries to choose a profession that his family will accept, acting is the same. No famous actor has ever become an actor by saying "I loved the character in a TV series, I will become an actor too." If you look at the life stories of a few players, you will see that they have actually gone through very long training and many experiences.

You should know that being an actor is a profession, even more than a profession, it is a lifestyle. Actors seem to live a very glamorous life on television, but when you look at the truth, you see that they spend time on the sets shooting until midnight, they are sleepless and there is no one there to applaud them. When the role requires him to cry, he should cry without any difficulty, and when the role requires him to make love, he should kiss someone with whom he has not been very intimate before, as if he were his wife of 40 years. While doing these, two people are not left alone in a room; on the contrary, the cameraman, director, lighting man and other set crew are watching them.

Actor's Private Life

In daily life, not everything is that pleasant, the private lives of the actors are not kept secret, everyone follows their lives from magazine programs on television and newspapers. For this reason, when players go on holiday, if possible, they go to countries they are not known for.

Acting Training

If you have decided to become an actor, another important point you should know is that the 100 liras you pay when you register with a casting agency will not make you famous. The casting agency cannot go door to door to show you to famous directors. At most, you will remain as a photo with a confused face in the catalogue. Before casting agencies, you need to go to an educational institution and receive acting training for a few months. This way you will at least get an idea about the background of the work. If you have an unusual appearance, the producer who sees your picture from the casting agency may call you for a test shoot, so you will have the opportunity to show your talent. You should definitely receive training in order not to be like a fish out of water during the test shoot.

Where to get Acting Training

There are a few doors you can go to become an actor, let's take a look:

1- Acting School: Acting schools or theater training schools may be radio and television departments of universities. Schools are a good starting point for those who decide to become actors at a young age. When your deskmate gets a role in a good TV series, he or she can call you and provide a connection.

2- Municipal Theatre: If you manage to get into the municipality's theater staff, you will first take part in small works such as local theaters and children's theatres. If you can prove yourself, you can attract the attention of directors and producers even with a single play you play in big theaters.

3- Cast Agencies: Cast You can register with agencies and become an extra in movies, this is the cheapest way. But it will be difficult to educate yourself. Some casting agencies provide training, but these are short-term and basic trainings.

4- Following the footsteps of the master: You can connect with an actor, get ideas from him and ask his opinions about the path to follow for the profession, Since TV series actors are usually busy, you must have a connection that is worth their time.

5- Production Agencies: You will get a permanent job in a production agency. If you have a different personality, you will attract attention and start acting in small roles in movies. For example, a director in Turkey cast the lighting chief's wife in the role of a housewife, on the grounds that "it would be more natural".