Date of birth :27 May 1980 Age :44Place of Birth : Zodiac Sign : İkizler Length :183 cm

TV Series Actor Necip Memili Life

Necip Memili is born on May 27, 1980. He graduated from the Theater Acting Department of the State Conservatory of Kukurova University. He played a role in the Fifth Dimension on the Samanyolu TV screens in the year 2005. He took part in the productions called Halal Meat, Bez Bebek, Pusat in the year. 2007-2008 Kanal D screens published on the leaf breakdown, 2008 night and 2008 Kanal D screens published on the leading roles Mehmet Aslantug and Ozgu Namal `s Farm Farm of the popular series` Zaloglu Ramadan character. In the year, Hatice Sendil and Erkan Petekkaya have given life to the character of Azer Barazoglu.

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