How do players cry?

Players often have the ability to change their feelings and expressions by considering their past experiences. Crying is just one of them.

Experiencing each role in acting depends on the person's own ability and success.If we think about "Can every actor get into the character they portray?", all the actors who have adopted the profession of acting and believe that they do not do this job only for money can play the characters they portray. They reflect it completely to the audience. If the actor needs to cry due to his role and cannot cry by adapting to his role with his own skills, tear drops are dropped into the actor's eyes to produce tears.

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Although it is argued that one must have an innate talent and ability to become an actor, people who believe that they can do this job can choose this profession by taking private lessons in acting. Lessons taken on acting teach how a person can adapt to his role and how he can live the role he will portray. It is taught that it can make the audience feel.

 When actors receive good training, they can adapt to any role they will play and portray that role with all kinds of emotions. It is very easy for actors to change their emotions, thanks to the training they receive. Actors know themselves well and have the ability to control their bodies and movements.


Where do Real Tears come from

Good actors always make connections between characters and their own past. If he has no memory of that subject in his past; experiences experiences that create memories. For example; If the actor is supposed to be a carpenter in the series and has never seen a carpenter workshop in his life, he immediately goes to a carpenter and learns about the profession. Experience is a must, as some things cannot be learned in books or at school. Another example, let's say there is a scene where the actor "kills someone he hates". In this case, the player does not see the person in front of him, but instead visualizes a tyrant he hates. Thus, it plays its role more effectively. Otherwise, he cannot give the necessary expression on his face because he looks at his beloved co-star with a good eye.

This is why some actors fall in love with their co-stars, because the other person looks into their eyes so beautifully that they are impressed and fall in love. More important than the hours they spend together is the expression on his face when he falls in love.

When a crying scene is to be played, the actor first wants a few minutes to get into the mood, especially thinking about an event in his past that made him very sad. If there is an event such as someone in his family dying or a loved one being disabled, he remembers this and keeps this scene in his mind throughout the process of playing. Thus, everyone on the set, as well as the audience, is affected because the actor cries so realistically. Of course, he does not need to tell people what he is crying about and his memories, and no one will ask why he is crying. Because he is a good actor and he cried when he was asked to, and that's just what the director was looking for.

In some TV series, the actors' movements look fake, and the reason for this is that they cannot get into their roles. This is because he has never had such an experience in his past. If the daughter of a rich family has never been beaten and cried in her life, it is not clear whether she is laughing or crying when she cries on the set of the TV series. Because he has always been pampered throughout his life and has never been made to cry.