Date of birth :1 January 1989 Age :35Place of Birth :İstanbul Zodiac Sign : Oğlak Length :176 cm

TV Series Actor Efe Erkekli Life

Efe Erkekli is born on January 01, 1989. He graduated from Bilkent University Theater Department. He played the young Refik character in the cinema film called Begum Birgoren and Emre Canpolat, starring Cafer Ozgul, directed by Cafer Ozgul. FULL NAME BURHAN EFE MENLI MEN'LI young actress Altan Erkekli `s son. In 2015, the leading roles on the ATV screens Sedef Avci, Berk Ercer and Necip Memilli` s share shared with the price of Begum `s brother Kaan portrayed the character.

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