Date of birth :15 April 1990 Age :34Place of Birth :Diyarbakır Zodiac Sign : Koç Length :

TV Series Actor Gonul Dilan Life

Gonul Dilan was born on April 15, 1990 in Diyarbakir and spent his childhood in this city. Born growth is very well Kurdish than Diyarbakir. He settled in Istanbul because he settled in Istanbul with the Dilan family and he spent his education in Istanbul and started to be interested in music. In a short time, his talent for music emerged and then began to write and sing his own songs. Gonul Dilan, his first album, attracted attention with 12 songs in his album Alan Yasidi and his star started to shine. Then he gave many concerts and started to go to TV programs. He shared the lead role with Berdan Mardini, a music community like him in the Kurdish series Jan (Sizi) published in TT6.

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