Date of birth :17 April 1986 Age :38Place of Birth :İstanbul Zodiac Sign : Koç Length :172 cm

TV Series Actor Pelin Akil Life

Pelin Akil was born in Istanbul on April 17, 1986. He graduated from Istanbul University Musical Theater Department. The first acting experience in 2007 lived with the role of Zehra in the legendary youth series called Back to the Back to Fox TV Screens. Balli Naciye in the production named wolf law in the Kurt Law, in 2012 TRT 1 screens still on the ongoing series of selection character. Acting Life with a great release of the series with a series of successful actor, 2012 Suskunlar series `s series, 2013 Ottoman Tokadi series` rurmak Guzel, 2013 Su and Ates Nupelda, 2013 inadina lived Sedef in the Series played the character of Zeynep Gevher in the popular series called Kizil Elma, which was broadcasted on TRT1 screens in 2014.

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