Date of birth :17 December 1987 Age :37Place of Birth :─░stanbul Zodiac Sign : Yay Length :170 cm

TV Series Actor Aslihan Guner Life

Aslihan Guner was born in Istanbul on December 17, 1987. Thanks to success, it has taken its place among the players sought by the producers. Moscow's password Basic, Sumela's password Basic, Once Upon a Time of Ottoman Doomsday, Endless Compassion, You Can't Break My Nest, Endless Compassion, Place of Ending Location, Violet Stories, Recall again, Rebel, Rose Oya, Sevda Flower, Slena Nights Yarim Yarim It happened, my best friend, the big meeting and many series and feature films took part in.

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avatar 18 Tugce Aslihan Guner Kilic I Know You I Love You So Much
avatar 40 Serdar Mert You are as sex as you are beautiful
avatar 39 Call Aslihan sister Mert Kilici you love very much
avatar 39 call Aslihan sister, what happens, sungurlar start
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