Date of birth :27 August 1973 Age :51Place of Birth :İstanbul Zodiac Sign : Başak Length :181 cm

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Burak Kut was born on August 27, 1973.Turnk Pop Music Artist in 1994 with a great output with the album of playing with me had a lot of fan. Handsome artist, who stepped into his music life with his work with the school orchestra in school years, received pawn and fulut training during his high school education. Burak Kut, who has achieved a great success with his album, has won the first album with me. In 1995, where did I come from the second album, where to go with the clip he shot in London, the handsome artist who did not recognize the opportunity to his rivals, was well known with the clip he shot. He gave various concerts with the fact that he was not just a pop singer. The young artist who released the album has not released an album for a long time. In 1997, I had a problem with Maxi Single in 1997.

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