Date of birth :1 January 1944 Age :80Place of Birth :İstanbul Zodiac Sign : Oğlak Length :178 cm

TV Series Actor Engin Senkan Life

Engin Senkan was born in Istanbul on January 1, 1944.Ankara State Conservatory graduated by graduation. In 1993, the summer householders, 1999 ah if I were a rich, took part in the 2004 great hope. series and feature films, 1984 alone
He played the character of Sevket in the comedy series of 1989.
He played the character of Kurdish Nuri in 1993 Summering Series.
Mumtaz Sevinc, Sumer Tilmac, Meltem Berent and Muge Akyamac, starring in 1997 TRT1 screens, played the role of Aydin.
In 2002, he played the character of Halil Bey in the series called Kinali Kar, starring Emrah and Ozlem Conker.
In the 2006 ATV screens, he played Yasemin's father Riza in the Remember Dear series.
He played Halil Efe in the popular series called Baba Ocagi, which was broadcasted on Satar TV in 2008.
He took part in the series 2009 Breath.
In 2010, he started to broadcast on Show TV screens in the year of the popular series called Gonul Ferman Dinlemis.
2011 desertion
He started to be broadcasted on Star TV screens in 2012 and starred in the series Dila Hanim, starring Erkan Petekkaya and Hatice Sendil.
2014 played on Star TV screens in the series Kurt Seyit and Shura
2014 FOX TV screens prepared to enter the broadcasting roles Ozlem Yilmaz and Mehmet Akif Alakurt `s role in the role of the role of Numan Aga in the series.

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