Date of birth :1 January 1982 Age :42Place of Birth :Diyarbakır Zodiac Sign : Oğlak Length :174 cm

TV Series Actor Erkan Avci Life

Erkan Avci was born in Diyarbakir on January 1, 1982. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The first acting experience was written by Ayse Kulin. He lived with the character of Hasan. series and feature films, Inspired by the novel Ayse Kulin in 2006, the bridge, which was inspired by the novel of the bridge, played the character of Hasan in the series called Bridge.
In 2007, he played the Yunus character in the television series called Aykilik, which is a drama of TRT 1 screens in 2007.
The wolves, which are among the legendary series in 2007, appeared before the fans as Gurhan in the Valley.
Novice muezzin
Osman exam tagged in 2009, Trt 1, which started to publish in the series Sakarya Firat.
He played the character of Ali in the 2011 CAN MOVIE.
The cinema named in 2011, the box office officer, took part in the Film.
He took part in the film Zenne 2011.
He played the character of Selami in the production of Long Story in 2012.
Berguzar Korel and Kenan imirzalioglu, who started to be broadcasted on ATV screens in 2012, played Necdet Guney in the film called Karadayi.

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