Date of birth :1 January 1945 Age :79Place of Birth :İstanbul Zodiac Sign : Oğlak Length :

TV Series Actor Nezih Tuncay Life

Nezih Tuncay was born in 1945. He started acting in Avni Dilligil Theater in 1965 after completing his education. He started acting in Avni Dilligil theater. , 1992-The mukhtars of the news, took part in the productions called 2002 Russian Bride. 2003 -OMERCiP, 2004-TURKMEN WEDDING, 2004-KALiN TIME, 2006-Plot Karhanei, 2005-Non-Kayit, 2005-Naciye `` who love, 2006-Tutkunum Sana, 2006-Leaf Cast, 2007 -Hakini Halal Et, 2007 -Kekali Lambs: He took part in the productions named three brothers.

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