Date of birth :10 October 1987 Age :37Place of Birth : Zodiac Sign : Terazi Length :188 cm

TV Series Actor Umit Kantarcilar Life

Umit Kantarcilar was born in Antalya on October 10, 1987. The young actress who started to take care of the theater since the first school years has played a role in many school theater plays. Umit Kantarcilar, who continued his education in the concert department of Mujdat Gezen, started to act in Ali Poyrazoglu Theater after his education. 2006 two families, 2010 Pebble Stones, 2011 Small Secrets, 2013 Dirty Seven, 2013 Girls and Mothers took part in the productions. The successful actor who portrays the character of the cousin of South South is a student who makes a horizontal transition from Izmir. And he makes friends with Elcin.

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