Date of birth :10 July 1989 Age :35Place of Birth :Londra Zodiac Sign : YengeƧ Length :175 cm

TV Series Actor Yasemin Allen Life

Yasemin Allen was born on July 10, 1989. Suna Yildizoglu is British. After graduating from the first school, he settled in Australia with his mother. He continued his life there. He studied cinema and television in 2008 and participated in the face competition of Loreal in 2008. The beautiful and successful player who decided to return to Turkey after the competition took part in the Elif Series where he lived the first acting experience in 2008. 2008 Elif, 2009 Kavak Yelleri (Elena), 2010 Life High (Juliette), 2011 Life Continues (Pelin), 2013 Water and Fire (Rain), 2013 Mercy (Irmak) has appeared in many series and films. He played the character of Irmak, the sister of Deniz, who is not in place of mental health in the series of compassion.

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avatar 22 Gultekin Hi, I'm gultekin your knee is so beautiful, we watch with pleasure Sweden Stockholmdan As you know, we are spent time with you and Turkey's longing for you, we watched your mother's films.
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